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You want to live your life without chronic pain, do more, and recover from injuries quickly.
You are seeking improved results for your patients, better cash flow for your practice and a way to differentiate your practice from your competition.
Ordering the ScenarPT is the first step in eliminating chronic pain.

What is ScenarPT?

ScenarPT is a powerful tool in your practice to get better outcomes for your patients. ScenarPT therapy is innovative, cutting edge and it works. ScenarPT is:

  • A hand held medical device.
  • A way of delivering non invasive, non toxic, computer modulated and therapeutic electro simulation.
  • A biofeedback device that aids the body in the self healing process.
  • Is FDA approved for pain relief, muscle re-education and stress reduction.

ScenarPT works with the body's own physiological feedback to boost healing response. It Activates the C-fibers of the nervous to release body's own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. The patient’s healing, immune response, and tissue regeneration is increased as a result. The ScenarPT signal also works on the activated A- delta neurons. The direct and immediate effect on the patient’s pain suppression mechanisms is experienced as a better clinical outcome by the patient.

25 years of research proves the efficacy of the ScenarPT device. Over two decades of Russian Research on the device as well as adoption in Eastern and Western European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada provides extensive evidence of the results from using the ScenarPT device.

The ScenarPT device can be used as an adjunct to your current practice. It can be easily incorporated into your own specific technique and treatment approaches. ScenarPT integrates traditional techniques with innovative technology to give your patients better outcomes and your practice a way to differentiate itself as a leader in your community. Learn more about how to use ScenarPT in your practice.


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ScenarPT therapy creates better outcomes for patients, including a reduction in pain and an increase in function. Beneficial in both acute and chronic disease processes, patients become significantly better and healing occurs more quickly.

ScenarPT not only ...