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You want to live your life without chronic pain, do more, and recover from injuries quickly.
You are seeking improved results for your patients, better cash flow for your practice and a way to differentiate your practice from your competition.
Ordering the ScenarPT is the first step in eliminating chronic pain.

You are in pain. Maybe you can’t do what you want to or need to do because of pain. Your solution is here.

ScenarPT prompts the body’s own healing processes. It facilitates the return to normal, pain-free function. Swelling, limited movement and inflammation are reduced, effectively changing the symptoms of pain and dysfunction.

If you want to feel less pain and better treatment results here is what you can do:

  • Contact us to see if there is a trained, certified ScenarPT provider in your area
  • If there is no provider, or you want to get results at home on your own, order the Sport model of the ScenarPT for at home use. Find out details here.
  • Of course you can get your questions answered by contacting us via the “Contact us” page.

We want you to feel better. ScenarPT may be the solution. Don’t delay. We are waiting to help.


Welcome to the new ScenarPT site.

Our site is dedicated to providing patients and practitioners with the information they need to begin changing their lives and their practice.

ScenarPT therapy creates better outcomes for patients, including a reduction in pain and an increase in function. Beneficial in both acute and chronic disease processes, patients become significantly better and healing occurs more quickly.

ScenarPT not only ...